About us

The Laboratory of Hydrogeology is a unique scientific institution, focused on the study of ground water resources in the Republic of Moldova and in other worldwide regions. Our research team also has significant experience working internationally.

Our Laboratory was founded in 1958 as part of the Institute of Geology and Mineral Deposits (at present Institute of Geology and Seismology) of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Moldova. The laboratory was established to study ground water use for Moldova’s economy, scientific investigation of structural hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, hydrogeodynamics, hydrogeothermics, hydromineral resources, overexploitation and ground water protection.

During 1958-1972 Dr. Vzunzdaev S.T. was the first head of the lab. Dr.hab. Zelenin I.V. was the second head of hydrogeology for 23 years (1972-1995). From 1995 till present Dr. Constantin Moraru is the head of this laboratory.

  During our first 50 years the Laboratory participated in a large spectrum of important local and international investigations. Among them was the first hydrogeological generalization of the territory between r.r. Prut and Dnester (Vzunzdaev S.T.), ground water natural recourses estimation of Moldova (Zelenin I.V.), assessment of the ground water quality of Moldova and Memphis, TN area of the United States of America (Moraru C.E.), surface – ground water interrelation (Zelenin I.V.), the first digital model of the underground hydrosphere of Moldova (Moraru C.E.), ground water regime (Podrajanskii V.A.), groundwater vulnerability estimation (Moraru C.E et all) etc.. To date our team has published over 50 books in Russian, Romanian and English as well as over 1000 peer-reviewed articles in Soviet, Moldavian and International scientific journals. 


Currently our staff includes three PhD/Dr, four scientific collaborators, five engineers, two master students and one PhD student.