Contact and Services

All questions may be addressed to:

Constantin MORARU
Ph. +373 22 73 96 63/ 73 96 81/ 73 97 77
e-mail –
Skype: cmoraru57
Fax: +373 22 73 96 63



(А) Research

  • please see - The main scientific directions of the Lab.
  • scientific argumentation of surface and ground water use and protection
  • ecological estimation of surface pollutants impact on water recourses
  • water quality estimation for drinking, mineral, industrial, technical water and irrigation
  • geothermics
  • ground water moving and quality modeling
  • international hydro projects (English, Russian and Romanian languages)
  • ground water and engineering geology, geodynamics, seismic zoning and mining
  • geochemistry of natural gases


(В) Practical skills

  • location of wells, dug wells and springs recommendation with technical docs
  • geological consultation
  • medical geology consultation (clay, minerals, rocks, mineral water etc)
  • geographical coordinates determination with accurate GPS
  • mapping
  • express chemical analyses in field conditions
  • laboratory chemical analyses
  • computer techniques for geology, hydrogeology and hydrology
  • hydrologic measurements ( debit, speed, transparency etc)
  • hydrological parameter calculations
  • expertise of water projects
  • mapping of lakes, rivers and thickness of the mud


If you have an idea or proposal regarding to water and geology problems – please contact us. We are professionals!