Head of Laboratory

Dr. Constantin MORARU

A Ph.D. Hydrogeologist with a wide range of experience in the General Hydrogeology and Geochemistry including field survey, Low Temperature Hydrogeochemistry, Noble gases, Ground and Surface water contamination and monitoring, Impact of Land Use, Geostatistics, Practical knowledge of informatics and computer, University teaching and scientific advisor. I am able to work on own initiative and as a part of a team. Proven leadership skills involving international and local managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objective.



  • More than 100 scientific publications and reports related to Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Geochemistry
  • Prepared and lecturing 4 University courses
  • Activity in the four International Projects
  • Fulbright, USA (2003-2004) and DAAD, Germany (2004) scholar, Visiting Prof. of Hydrogeology (USA)(2006-2007)
  • USA Embassy ACR Grant for scientific book publishing, 2005
  • Contract Projects both local and international – more than $3 mln.

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